The Shore-Whitehill Award

The Shore-Whitehill Award, created in 1996, celebrates volunteers who promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the fabric of Jewish life through advocacy or direct service to individuals and families. Named for Robert Whitehill and the late Barbara Shore, who co-chaired a task force on special needs in the Jewish community, the award is given annually by the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and Jewish Residential Services.

Nominations are reviewed on the basis of two criteria: the value of the nominee's contributions as a champion of inclusion; and the commitment of the nominating congregation, group or organization to publicly honoring the nominee so he/she may serve as a springboard for change and inspire further action by others.

Awardees receive an original sculpture by the late Sylvia Plutchok, a Pittsburgh-based artist, and recognition in Connections, a blog published by a consortium of six agencies. The nominating congregation, group or organization receives a grant of $1000 to help underwrite the costs of a recognition event and/or inclusion activities.

Congregations, groups, organizations and individuals that are committed to publicly celebrating champions of inclusion are encouraged to submit a nomination using the form below. Nominations can also be submitted by email to, or via postal mail to Attn: Shore-Whitehill Award, c/o Jewish Residential Services, 2609 Murray Avenue, Suite 201, Pittsburgh PA 15217.

When completing the following form, please consider the two main criteria for selecting the award winner. First, the committee considers the contribution made by an individual in furthering inclusion in one (or more) of the following categories. These include (but are not limited to): friendship, respite, employment, housing, advocacy, spirituality and physical accommodation. Your response to Question 1 provides the information needed to evaluate this.

The second criterion is consideration of the extent to which a planned celebration of the nominee will lead to further community awareness of inclusion. Your response to Question 3 provides information to the committee to evaluate this.

Shore-Whitehill Award brochure

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