In the mid-nineteen eighties, the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh assembled a task force to look at unmet needs of people with disabilities in the city’s Jewish community. Perhaps the most glaring unmet need to emerge from that study was for housing and support services for adults living with mental illness or with intellectual disabilities. Read More >

Despite the steady growth of JRS over the last two decades, the agency’s board of directors is acutely aware of unmet needs in the community. A recently completed agency Strategic Plan highlighted three problems:

• Extremely limited accessible and affordable housing in Squirrel Hill
• A very successful psychiatric rehabilitation program, the Howard Levin Clubhouse,
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What's New
Howard Levin Clubhouse hires new Director.
Jill Pawlowski was hired to lead the Howard Levin Clubhouse. The national Clubhouse model ensures that members and staff collaborate to run the day to day activities of the psychiatric and social rehabilitation program. Jill joins the team to provide high quality services, encourage growth and work with the entire JRS staff to oversee the design of and move to a new Clubhouse at a location next door. Read More >