2018 Staff Recognition

At the 2018 JRS Staff Recognition Dinner JRS honored Keely Chuba this year’s winner of the Troy Brown Award for Excellence in Direct Service. Audra Thomas, the first winner of the award presented the award to longtime JRS Residential Support Staff employee, Keely Chuba. JRS celebrated on the roof deck at The Steel Cactus in Shadyside. In addition to the Troy Brown Award, JRS also honored its Health and Safety Committee.

Honoring our team.

Health and Safety Committee.

The Troy Brown Award.

The Residential Support Staff with Keely Chuba, winner of the 2018 Troy Brown Award.

Sally and Howard Levin Clubhouse Staff.

Board members Lorrie Rabin and Ellen Berne (far left and far right) celebrate with Audra Thomas, Paula Pagnotta, and Bill Stein (center from left to right).

Zara Sayles and Jill Pawlowski.

John Cain and Paula Pagnotta.

Residential Support Staff (seated from left: Alex Bennett, Keely Chuba, Marty Brown, Audra Thomas, Louis Friello) and Alison Karabin.