2017 Staff Recognition

At the 2017 JRS Staff Recognition Dinner JRS honored Marty Brown this year’s winner of the Troy Brown Award for Excellence in Direct Service. Audra Thomas, the first winner of the award presented the award to Marty Brown who is a two time winner of the award. JRS celebrated at The Yard in Shadyside. In addition to the Troy Brown Award, JRS also honored its Health and Safety Committee.

Honoring our team.

Clubhouse Staff, from left to right Emily Kramer, Zack Dengler, Zara Sayles

Health and Safety Committee, left to right, Harold Love, Executive Director, Audra Thomas, Director or Residential Services, Paula Pagnotta, Office Manager, Darlene Lewis, House Manager, Marty Brown, Residential Supervisor, Zara Sayles, Clubhouse Generalist.

Marty Brown and Audra Thomas. Troy Brown Award Presentation.