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About the Howard Levin Clubhouse

The Howard Levin Clubhouse is a warm, welcoming community where adults whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness come together to discover and develop their strengths and abilities, build self-confidence, and gain valuable social and vocational skills that prepare them for more productive, rewarding, meaningful lives. Our members are adults from all walks of life, who have in common a history of mental illness and the desire to grow, develop and work together toward the goal of recovery.

Working Together

At the Clubhouse we take a team approach, with members and staff working side by side to organize and complete the work that needs to be done to keep our program operating. Through participation in one of three work units, every member contributes to the success of the Clubhouse. Involvement in the work units is a great way to get to know others and to gain the skills and confidence everyone needs to move forward in the journey toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Food Service/Horticulture Unit
Members of the Food Service Unit take great pride in creating delicious, well-balanced meals every day. These daily lunches and weekly dinners are created by and served to Clubhouse members at a minimal cost. Members also stock and operate a bustling snack bar throughout the day. Additionally, Food Service Unit members enjoy working in our beautiful vegetable garden, located within a few blocks of the Clubhouse. Within this unit, members learn menu planning, meal preparation, nutrition, inventory control, money management, gardening skills, cash register operation, and customer service.

Member Services Unit
The Member Services Unit is the Clubhouse hospitality team. Its members offer tours of the Clubhouse and provide "buddies" and education for new members. Through phone calls and cards, this unit also provides outreach to Clubhouse members who are struggling or need extra support. In addition, the Member Services Unit maintains the important statistics of the program through a specialized database system. Unit members learn data collection and computer skills, organizational skills, public speaking, brochure design, and effective communication.

Business/Employment/Education Unit
This unit is the communications center of the Clubhouse. Here members learn how to create and publish monthly newsletters and flyers using up-to-date computer systems. This unit also develops customer service and administrative skills as members manage the business side of operating the Clubhouse. In addition, the unit serves as an employment center, teaching members how to create resumes and cover letters, effective interviewing skills, and providing job-readiness training workshops. Members of this unit have opportunities to enhance their clerical, writing, computer, customer service, and organizational skills.

Working Outside the Clubhouse

Transitional Employment
When members are ready for a greater vocational challenge, they can participate in Transitional Employment, a program of part-time jobs that last six to nine months in local businesses. These paid jobs give members the opportunity to develop on-the-job skills, increase self-confidence and enhance their resumes. After working in a transitional employment position, many members feel ready for supported or even independent employment!

Social Life at the Clubhouse
After work units have finished for the day, members are welcome to stay to socialize with others, join a class or group, or just sit back and relax. In addition, the Clubhouse has weekly Friday evening dinners and many special programs and activities throughout the year. Creative planning by members and staff keep our social program lively and stimulating!

Clubhouse Members Can:
Participate in meaningful, valuable work
Live a more empowering life
Develop new job readiness skills
Learn to function better
Enjoy daily nutritious meals
Participate in employment opportunities
Develop self-confidence
Develop healthy friendships within a warm, welcoming community

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